Saitex 2019

saitex 2019

Pinstripe-Group was founded by Kirsten and Justin Brown in The company was started as a Professional Conference Organising establishment PCOand we later designed and developed a range of smart event registration solutions. Name cards are printed on-site while a delegate is at registration. The whole process can be done in under 30 seconds per person. Our software is designed to handle anything from walk-ins to table seating as well as pdf viewing for expo stands.

Everything that happens on the screen will be recorded in the background to ensure that accurate reports are provided to the client once the event has ended.

ECXS is a premier private ambulance service provider in the pre-hospital category. ECXS assures our clients optimal patient care, rapid and safe response, cost-effective services and overall client satisfaction. Gordon has been associated with Gallagher Convention Centre since During his twenty-three-year relationship with Gallagher Convention Centre, Chef Gordon has been at the helm of the catering for many different event types- speaking to his capabilities. This specialist team prides itself on offering the finest catering, tailored to the requirements of clients.

saitex 2019

This will be reflected in more menu options for our guests to select from as well as a carefully crafted medley of flavours created by the Gallagher Convention Centre Catering GCCC team. He started as a project manager and worked his way up to becoming the Managing Director and Shareholder of one of the biggest exhibition infrastructure companies in South Africa. He aims to provide a service that drastically differentiates your business from the competition — and have some fun while doing just that.

We have almost 2 decades of experience! Therefore, our knowledge of venues and procedures will make planning a breeze, and we have a network of suppliers that are tried and trusted. Our approach is to supply unique, cost-effective stands and exhibition infrastructure to meet your goals and objectives. With years of exhibition experience, SA Plumber and its employees strive for excellence, efficiency and quality within all areas of exhibitions plumbing and compressed air needs.

Please contact our sales team for bookings or Email: Gallagher gallagher. Contact Person : Anna Malaza. Email : gallagher gallagher. EBS fully understands the importance of complying with all national and venue rules and regulations with regard to the installation of electrics and ensuring that all compliance certificates are given timeously to the client. Each exhibition contracted to EBS will have a qualified electrician on site to manage any problems that may arise.

Our electrical component comprises of full management of all lighting and electrical requirements for your exhibition, event or convention.It is truly an international event where 67 countries gather to network and forge relationships successfully. Passionate pizza enthusiasts compete head-to-head, who is the best? As South Africa prepares for a day lockdown, strict regulations have been implemented stating which stores can remain open as part of essential services.

The influence of Innova Market Insights Top Ten Trends for is clearly apparent in the dairy category, which is facing key challenges in remaining viable amid changing consumer tastes. This is particularly apparent because of the, strong growth in interest in plant-based alternatives. The department has set aside a package of R1. A coherent data collection system can open new doors for industrial operators in the food and beverage industry.

Member of. We would like to reassure our participants that we are actively monitoring the coronavirus COVID pandemic. The health, safety and well-being of the community remain of the utmost importance to us. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on JUNE Download post show report. Co-located with:. Products on Show. Are you the best baker in South Africa? Put your skills to the test! Learn More. You do not want to miss this! Global Pizza Challenge. Celebrating women leading the way as influencers and innovators.

Part of Africa Trade Week. Africa Conference. Redefining the food industry from farm-to-fork. Hospitality Leadership Forum. Delivering customercentric strategies within the hospitality sector.Step into the SITEX Gaming Zone that has you covered for all your gaming needs — from the latest gaming gadgets to chairs, as well as Gaming activities for everyone to participate in!

saitex 2019

It will be fun, we promise! Browse through a large selection of wireless audio paraphernalia, camera essentials and check out the line-up of the latest digital gadgets and technology to make your daily commute, travel trips and everyday life — smarter, enjoyable and even more environmentally sustainable!

Expect a wide variety of the latest health and wellness gear, technology and equipment that will complement any fitness regime on your FITSPO journey — irregardless of age! Calling all new BTO and existing homeowners — drop by to see a showcase of smart technology and products that can enhance your quality of living at home as we move towards being a smarter digital nation! SG Lifestyle is a light-hearted Singapore lifestyle portal featuring bite-size consumer reads and articles on our favourite Singaporean pet topics ranging from the latest lifestyle news to trending food and drinks, travel, beauty, events, tech, lobangs and more!

Alvin Lim is a digital and social media native. The site started as a one-man blog and is now a full fledge content portal with a team of professional content staff. Contact Us. Digital Tech Browse through a large selection of wireless audio paraphernalia, camera essentials and check out the line-up of the latest digital gadgets and technology to make your daily commute, travel trips and everyday life — smarter, enjoyable and even more environmentally sustainable!SAITEX is likely to be a platform where lots of significant products will probably be showcased.

Here are the top notch things to do in Johannesburg! Are you wondering what kind of a country South Africa is? What to eat there, how to stay safe, what Up to date city guide of Johannesburg, South Africa, that includes the city's shopping and dining ar Report Error.

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Sign-in or Register. Already have account? Attend Book Your Hotel Now. All attendies I Connect. Attendies List. Visitor Profile. Events in Number. Attendees Exhibiting Companies Frequency Annually. Book Your Hotel Now. Travel Guide. South Africa Are you wondering what kind of a country South Africa is? Read More. Johannesburg Up to date city guide of Johannesburg, South Africa, that includes the city's shopping and dining arInside Saitex, laser technology is used to create a worn-in look on a pair of jeans with minimal environmental impact.

Next up: Saitex, an innovative, sustainability-focused factory that produces denim for brands like Everlane and Madewell. If you're going to produce new clothing in an era that's seen multiple nations declare a state of emergency due to climate breakdown, you'd better be doing everything in your power to minimize your impact on the environment. Since most brands don't own their own manufacturing facilities, that means partnering with a factory known for sustainable production — of which Saitex is a premium example.

Built inSaitex's current facilities were founder Sanjeev Bahl's response to the human rights and environmental injustices he encountered over a decade of global denim sourcing. Since its founding, Saitex has grown to accommodate five different facilities and now employs over 4, people and produces 20, pairs of jeans a day.

How Saitex became the most sustainable denim manufacturer

It's Saitex's innovative, technology-forward approach to sustainability that's led to it being described by partners like Everlane as "the world's cleanest denim factory. Inside the Saitex fabric warehouse. Saitex stores 5 million meters of fabric in this warehouse, all of which will eventually be made into jeans, denim jackets and more.

At the moment, fabric is brought in from outside mills, but Saitex is currently in the process of building its own mill. The Saitex mill, which should be up and running byis being built to LEED specifications and will be "fully covered in solar panels" that will be used to power the machinery.

Perhaps most exciting from a brand perspective, the mill will have no minimums, which is often a huge barrier for small labels that don't need to order large runs of fabric. Denim rolls waiting to be cut and sewn.

Saitex owner Bahl has also invested in Fibertracea technology that creates fabric that can be scanned — no hangtag required — to reveal information about who farmed the cotton or sewed the piece.

Though it was initially developed as a way to fight luxury counterfeiting, Bahl is excited about the prospect of using Fibertrace in collaboration with a carbon-positive farm in Australia to make information about supply chains fully traceable and available to curious customers.

One issue in sustainability is that so much information is lost," says Rollando. They're inserted in the ginning process of the cotton. So you will be able to scan your garment and get all the information about the materials, where the cotton comes from, is it Fair Trade, is it B Corp. All of that's in the future for now, as it's not yet commercially available in pieces that come out of Saitex. But it's just one of the ways Saitex is working to expand its sustainability cred.

For now, though, Saitex works with a whole range of conventional denim. Before the fabric in the warehouse can be cut and sewn into garments, it goes through the "relaxer," a machine that unspools the fabric so it's not stretched out of shape when it's cut. Though the machine earned its name due to the effect it has on the denim, watching the denim pile up in these folds is hypnotic in a way that's pretty relaxing for any onlooking humans, too.

After it's unspooled, the fabric is left to rest for a bit before it moves onto the factory floor. Once fabric has been relaxed, it's ready to be cut. There are a couple of different ways this can happen: Some pieces will be cut by hand by Saitex employees who lay paper patterns over the top of the denim, others will be cut by machines that are pre-programmed and can cut through many pieces of fabric at once. A Saitex employee individually distressing pieces of fabric that will become pockets.

Though some fabrics can move straight from being cut to being sewn, patch pockets may require special steps. There's a lot of work that goes into giving your jeans a worn-in look before you buy them, and if the factory is using manual abrasion to accomplish that look, then fabric that will become an outside pocket needs to be pre-ground before it's sewn onto the back of your jeans.

SAITEX Africa 2019

Otherwise, the grinding process could wear down the stitches affixing the pocket to the garment. Before they're sewn onto pants, pockets may also be pre-embroidered think of the simple V-shape often found on back pockets. Here, one Saitex employee sets up a machine that can automatically embroider a whole set of pockets at once, while another screenprints a logo onto pieces of fabric that will eventually be sewn into garments. After all the components are finished, the pieces of denim are ready to be sewn together.

Like many aspects of production at Saitex, sewing is done through a combination of human and machine power. Specialized machines bring increased efficiency and accuracy to the table, but they still require skilled humans to operate them and program them afresh for each new style. A Saitex employee making quality control checks. One job that still requires a human eye is quality control. Every piece that passes through the Saitex floor is carefully measured to make sure that sizing and proportions are consistent and match what was asked for by the brand.

Here, a Saitex employee uses a measuring tape to ensure the proper dimensions were achieved during the sewing process.To Official Web Site. Information contained herein are subject to amendment, postponement and cancellation by the organizer at any time without notice.

For more detailed information on each event, please check the official website of its organizer. JETRO shall not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused by actions taken based the information within J-messe. For further information of individual trade fairs in J-messe, please kindly contact the organizer directly. Please refer to FAQ. This site uses javascript. To use all functions, please enable javascript. Site Search.

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Business Opportunities. Industrial Tourism in Japan. Reports and Statistics. From Japan. Cool Japan. Meet Japanese Companies. Featured Article. Online Trade Fair Database J-messe. Useful Fairly useful Not particularly useful Not useful. Thank you for your cooperation. Please choose the degree of usefulness. Failed register the evaluation. It is an article that has already been evaluated.

saitex 2019

It can not be evaluated. Contact Us. For Organizers. Inquiries to J-messe. Inquiry form. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on LinkedIn. Sitemap Links. All rights reserved. Held with concurrent exhibitions. For more detailed information of the trade fair, please check the official website of the individual organizer. December 4, Saitex farms. Circle of life. We are constantly evolving, searching for ways to reduce our impact on the environment At SAITEX we strive to use processes that are gentle to our planet, by always considering the impact of our decisions on our associates, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

We want to be a key part of the global shift to better our world. Saitex is the only large scale denim manufacturer in the world, and the only apparel manufacturer in Asia, to carry this designation. Big Data. We believe business must be a force for good By harnessing the power of business, we work to reduce inequality, lower levels of poverty, create a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. In initiating change, action matters more than words.

Access to affordable and clean food is a basic human right. In our continuous mission to create a positive social impact, in partnership with Everlane, we have installed our very own hydroponic and clean farming system at our facilities. One Of A Kind Production Line To create a world with no barriers and give people from disadvantaged backgrounds an equal and open opportunity. The Circle of Life production line is a platform for the differently abled to receive training and support for a sustainable job and stable income.

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