Ac compressor clutch doesnt engage fi150 fuse

When the AC compressor clutch in your car suddenly stops working and does not engage, it could be a sign of serious problem as cool air flow would not be blown into the engine. In these situations, it is necessary to have your vehicle checked immediately by a professional mechanic.

Even when you are using the synthetic oil or the coolant in the industry, an AC compressor clutch could be loosened because of some electrical error fault as well. In some situations, a blocked refrigerant circuit would also make the AC clutch not to engage. To help you to solve this problem, we are going to give some simple steps in this article.

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ac compressor clutch doesnt engage fi150 fuse

If your repeated tests have already gone wrong, and you have still not been able to manually engage the AC compressor clutch, then it is necessary to jump start it. To do this, you need to directly connect the wire of the clutch to a battery. It would be lucky if the AC could blow cool air and the compressor could engage. The main problem is possibly due to a pressure switch or faulty relay.

If the clutch engages but the compressor does not turn, it means that you probably need a new one. Nevertheless, if this does not help, it might be because you are using a bad AC compressor clutch.

In those cases, you would require an immediate change service of the same. Take a look at the front of the compressor clutch to see whether it as well as the pulley are spinning or not. If only the pulley rotates, there must be an issue in the system. The reasons would be due to bad clutch oil, poor ground, low-pressure lockout, a blown fuse or open wire in the oil. Before you move to the next step, it is essential for you to understand the basic information of a couple components.

In a couple car models, the relay of the compressor clutch goes on and off because of a low-pressure switch. However, this relay is grounded by the computer of a controlled system.

You should carefully check all the parts of the system to find out the problem faster. Start with removing the connector cable from clutch oil. You should take it away from other parts to have a more careful examination of ground and power.

When the AC is still in MAX mode, take a digital voltmeter to measure the ground and the battery voltage at the removed connector. If you are not able to read the voltage results, examine the fuse. If everything is fine with the fuse, then you have to examine the clutch relay. In some car models, the flow of power is from an AC switch to the fuse, then moves directly to the clutch oil via low-pressure evaporator temperature.

Although this should not be a problem, you have to be sure that the AC compressor is filled with sufficient amount of oil to avoid any failure.

What Should I Do If AC Compressor Clutch Is Not Engaging

Being low on the refrigerant would be another cause for a non-engaging AC compressor clutch in your car. Although you can use DIY devices to recharge, it is also one of the common and major causes for engaging failure in a compressor clutch. Sometimes, it would work but is seen as a risky act due to oil shortage at the same time in the compressor.

In fact, you would have caused several serious and permanent damage to the compressor by this time, which calls for a more extensive replacement or repair. Therefore, use the octane booster or Freon coolant when you need to, but do not charge the system forcibly. As a result, moisture will combine with the coolant to create sludge and acid, which can damage the system. If this problem has already occurred, you would have to bleed it out.

It is quite simple to add more coolant even without a hot-wiring problem. Nevertheless, it is you who take the responsibility for the safety of your vehicle. However, you should not ignore the health of the vehicle.If so, try the troubleshooting techniques described here. This is a full explanation of how the system works. After reading, go to this post to learn how to diagnose a compressor clutch problem. Car makers use an electro-magnetic clutch to engage and disengage the air conditioning compressor.

2007 F150 Air Conditioning Fuses \u0026 Relay, AC Compressor Relay Location

When power energizes the clutch coil, the magnetic field pulls the clutch in towards the pulley. As the clutch disc pulls in towards the pulley, the pulley provides the rotating power to operate the compressor. So start your diagnosis by determining if the compressor clutch works. Then look at the front of the compressor clutch. Both the pulley and the clutch should be spinning.

That means the clutch has properly engaged with the pulley. AC compressor clutches receive power in a number of ways. Or, the relay can be operated by the PCM which has interpreted the condition of the low and high pressure sensors.

In that case, the PCM would see that the refrigerant pressures are within bounds and the PCM would provide a ground connection to the control coil side of the AC compressor clutch relay. In some vehicles the compressor clutch relay is turned on and off by the low pressure switch and the evaporator temperature sensor. In a computer controlled system, the compressor clutch relay is grounded by the computer.

If the fuse is good, disconnect the electrical connector from the compressor clutch coil. Move it away from moving parts so you can safely check for power and ground. With engine running and the AC set to MAX, use a digital voltmeter to check for battery voltage and good ground at the connector. Wiring varies by make, model, and year. In order for the computer to provide ground, it must receive a good signal from the low pressure switch, high pressure switch, and evaporator temperature sensor.

In other vehicles the power flows through the air conditioning switch to the fuse and from the fuse through the low pressure and evaporator temperature sensor to the clutch coil. The compressor clutch air gap is critical to the AC compressor clutch engaging.

What if My Silverado Compressor Will Not Engage?

To learn more about AC compressor clutch air gap, read this post. DIY recharging kits tell you to recharge through the low pressure port while the compressor is engaged.

But if the system is low on refrigerant, the clutch will never engage. Some DIYers then hotwire the low pressure switch to force the compressor clutch to engage while they recharge. You may get it to accept a charge, but you may have already damaged the compressor before the system reaches full charge. NEVER try to bypass the low pressure switch. Doing so will force the compressor to run with inadequate oil and can destroy the compressor.

Moisture reacts with the refrigerant and oil to cause acid and sludge that can destroy the system. Then the system should be fully evacuated to remove all air before recharging.

Not really. You could have a low side target range of psi and see that static pressure on your gauge. All that tells you is that there is some refrigerant in the system.If you get that the air conditioning AC compressor clutch is not engaging in your car, you might need to get some answers. In this article, you will learn what you can do during such a situation.

If the compressor clutch is not engaging, there are many possibilities. But you cannot use your air conditioning system when that happens. So, rendering it inoperable is a great inconvenience for the passengers.

Even if you are using synthetic oil or coolant in your vehicle, the compressor clutch can get damaged due to some electrical problems too. Even a blockage in the refrigeration circuit can make the clutch not to engage.

Most cars currently use an electromagnetic AC clutch system to make the process of engaging and disengaging the AC compressor automatic. That makes operating the air conditioning system in your car more user-friendly and convenient. As you require the AC to work perfectly, we are going to give you the steps you need to take during such a situation.

It is controlled using a clutch system where its shaft is engaged and disengaged to a rotating shaft of the flywheel using an electromagnetic switch. The compressor and the clutch are two of the essential parts of the air conditioning system of your car.

These parts, together with other car components, should be maintained properly to ensure they are functioning correctly at all times. To use the air conditioning on your car when you whenever you want, the clutch compressor is activated.

To run this clutch compressor, the engine is connected directly to the pump rotor of the compressor using a belt. Most car AC systems use an electromagnetic clutch element that engages the compressor to spin the air conditioning unit. The compressor clutch consists of a friction plate positioned adjacent to an electromagnetic coil. When the compressor clutch is engaged, a current move through the electromagnetic coil.

That creates a strong electromagnetic force that pulls the coil in the direction of the friction plate and engages the pump rotor, which consequently runs the compressor.

When that happens, there will be no coolant or refrigerant that will go around the air conditioning system to cool your car. To check if the clutch is working properly or not, try using these methods:.When the air conditioning quits working on your Chevrolet Silverado pickup, the first thing to do is to open the hood and verify that the compressor is properly engaging. More serious issues must be handled by a trained technician.

The first thing to check if your compressor will not engage is the electrical system. If the metal ribbon within the fuse appears burnt or broken, replace the fuse. If the fuse is okay, the next suspect is the air conditioner relay. If the fuses and relay are in working order, your air conditioning system may be inadequately charged with refrigerant. Silverado pickups produced after use ozone-friendly Ra refrigerant.

Older models originally used R refrigerant, commonly known as freon, though many trucks have been retrofitted to use Ra. Home Ra charging kits are available. Start your engine and turn your air conditioning to the coldest setting. Connect the charging hose to the can of refrigerant and then to the low pressure port of the air conditioning system.

On most Silverado models, this port is located on the accumulator: an aluminum cylinder located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Hold the can of refrigerant upright and slowly open the valve on the charging hose. The pressure of your can will force the gas into your system. While the compressor may engage immediately, allow the can to empty before removing the charging hose.

Test the pressure of your system with an air conditioning gauge and do not charge it over capacity. It could indicate faulty pressure sensors, damaged wiring or a bad HVAC control module.

What Should You Do When AC Compressor Clutch Not Engaging?

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. References AA1Car. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.The air conditioning system on a vehicle has a number of components that work in concert with each other to deliver cool air to the passenger cabin.

The clutch drives the compressor, which sends refrigerant to the evaporator where refrigerant gets condensed. The refrigerant travels though the lines and is cooled by the radiator. Cool air gets blown through the air conditioning vents in the passenger compartment.

ac compressor clutch doesnt engage fi150 fuse

If one or a few of these system components fails, cool air cannot be produced. Checking the air conditioning clutch and compressor requires a few steps, gauges and hand tools. Shift the vehicle into neutral or park. Engage the emergency brake. Raise the hood. Touch the positive lead of a voltmeter to the positive battery terminal. Touch the negative lead of the voltmeter to the negative battery terminal. Turn the voltmeter gauge scale to volts and read the number. If the battery voltage reads below Charge the battery.

If you still get a low reading, the battery has a shorted cell and must be replaced. Start the engine and let it warm up. Stand in front of the AC compressor at the front of the engine.

Have an assistant turn on the AC controls to maximum. Wait for the AC clutch in front of the compressor body to engage and spin. If it does not, shut the engine off and disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket. Locate the main fuse box. Pull out the AC fuse and examine the filament inside the fuse. Replace the fuse if the filament has melted or blown apart. Look for the AC relay in the fuse box. Swap it with another relay that has the same amperage and pin configuration.

ac compressor clutch doesnt engage fi150 fuse

Connect the negative battery cable with the socket. Start the engine and have your assistant turn on the AC controls to maximum.

If the clutch engages, the fuse or relay was at fault. Determine if your vehicle uses R12 or Ra refrigerant. For the R12, hook up the low-side hose of an AC gauge to the low-side nipple on the compressor. For the Ra type refrigerant, push the high-side gauge hose onto the quick release 16 mm nipple on the compressor. Push the low-side gauge hose onto the quick release 13 mm nipple on the compressor. Start the engine and turn the AC controls on maximum. Open the high- and low-side knobs on the gauge.

Look at the reading. The low-side reading should indicate between 25 and 40 pounds per square inch PSI. The high-side reading should fall between and PSI.An automobile can have numerous serious problems and a dysfunctional AC compressor clutch is one of them.

When this component does not work properly, the engine does not get the cold air flow — leading to some major complications. Knowing how to manually engage AC compressor clutch will help you skip a visit to the mechanic. Plus, you should also know how to examine the clutch to find out if it is faulty or not. Using low-quality oil could be a reason for failing AC compressor clutch but it could happen even if you use synthetic oil and high-quality coolant. In a few cases, the clutch does not engage due to a clogged refrigerant circuit.

If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects, apply these techniques:. Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. Check the front side of the clutch to examine its condition. Also, find out whether the clutch and the pulley are spinning. If only the pulley is rotating, the compressor clutch is having an issue, which could be stemming from several sources — a blown fuse, bad clutch oil, low-pressure lockout, or an open wire in the oil.

A careful inspection of the system and its components will help you to pinpoint the source of trouble. In this step, you have to detach the connector cable from clutch oil. Keep it safely away from all other components. Use a digital voltmeter to measure the ground and voltage of the battery at the detached connector cable. Go on to check the fuse if you cannot read the voltage readings.

Move on to the clutch relay if the fuse turns out fine. In a few car models, the power of the air conditioning system flows from the AC switch to the fuse before being transmitted to the clutch oil through the low-pressure evaporator temperature. You have to make sure that the compressor has enough oil to function properly. When you are sure that there is a problem with the clutch, the next part is to engage it. The next section tells you how to manually engage AC compressor clutch at home.

Engaging the AC compressor clutch at home is not rocket science. There are a couple of ways you can fix the problem to bring back the air conditioning system in order. What is the most common reason for an air conditioning compressor not to engage? Low level of refrigerant. When the coolant level in the system goes down, the low-pressure switch does not allow the compressor to rotate. How to manually engage AC compressor clutch when the system is low on antifreeze? Just adding refrigerant will solve this problem.

If your car is compatible with Ra type of refrigerant, attaching a can to the system will override the low-pressure switch and restore the normal function of the compressor clutch. Tips — When you are going to manually engage the compressor, make sure that the system has enough oil. Inadequate lubrication can damage the compressor. The process is a bit different for older cars that are not compatible with the Ra type. Examine the oil level in the compressor.Moreover is quite difficult to see past posted bet ( if not impossible ) and the scores of other players ( the new that bet a huge load of game sis staying with - results pending quite long.

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